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Citizen | Baselworld 2013-2017

Display Design

Category :

Event Management

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

       Year :

“Time is light, Light is time”
|Frozen Time(2013)
|Compressed Time(2014)
|Expansion Time(2015)
|Horizontal Time(2016)

DGT Architects/Tsuyoshi Tane

Technical direction:
Yutaka Endo[LUFTZUG]

Kazuyuki Miyabe[HIROBA]

At Baselworld, the world’s largest watch and
jewelry show, held in Switzerland, we designed an
organic stand structure creating no boundaries
between outside and inside with the concept:
“Intelligent Forest”.
Furthermore, the stand provides a yearly artistic
installation area to transmit the latest news from

Received ──────────────
DSA Design Gold Award 2013

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