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SOFFIO | Milan design week2013

Total Design & Production

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Event Management


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“SOFFIO” supported by TOSHIBA

Installation Design: IXI Co.,Ltd.

Lighting Design: Izumi Okayasu

Graphic: Miho Fukushima[IXI]

Sound: Masato Hatanaka

Movie: Yosuke Masumoto

Producer: Izumi Okayasu/IXI Co.,Ltd.

Photo: Takehiko Niki

Through a lighting installation named SOFFIO, an Italian word for ‘breathing’, we conveyed the
idea that even tiny single lights can generate acomfortable and soothing and somewhat nostalgic
environment. 54 LED lights dim individually with a tender rhythm as if they are breathing softly while creating a rainbow sphere in the air. Our installation reinterprets the natural prismatic effect by utilizing small LED elements to tell the visitors of the importance of energy and the recollection of nostalgic memories.

Received ──────────────
DSA Design Gold Award 2013
Venue: Opificio 31
(Via Tortona 31)

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