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Toshiba | Milan design week 2011

Event Management

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       Year :

“Luce Tempo Luogo”

Installation Design:
Tsuyoshi Tane[DGT Architects]

Lighting Design:
Izumi Okayasu[Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design Office]

Technical Direction:
Masafumi Shinoda[Tamon Co.,Inc.]

Water System:
Shotaro Sugiura[Bellrx]

Producer: ADK Inc.

Event Coordination:
IXI Co.,Ltd/IXI s.r.l.

Takehiko Niki

The venue was an already abandoned building (which was built over a century ago), where creativity and technology intersected to create a unique light experience.The project composed 3 experiences of “Light”.The number of visitors was over 30,000.
Venue:Cortile di Via Savona
(Via Savona 37)

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